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Forms of Trading: Fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis

Forms of Trading: Fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis Retail Forex traders utilize forex analysis to evaluate if they should buy or sell a currency pair. It requires the use of charting tools. It can also be fundamental, based on economic metrics and/or news occurrences. Forex Market Analysis: What Are the Different Types? To a rookie …

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Bid, Ask, and Spread

Bid, Ask and Spread in the Forex Market The difference between the price a broker will purchase and sell a currency is known as the bid-ask spread (also known as the buy-sell spread). However, in the retail market, the spread, or the difference between the bid and ask price for a currency, can be substantial, …

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leverage and margin explained by jayyyfx academy

Leverage and Margin

In the Forex Market, How Does Leverage Work? The use of borrowed money (referred to as capital) to invest in a currency, stock, or investment is known as leverage. In forex trading, the concept of leverage is fairly frequent. Investors can trade greater positions in a currency by borrowing money from a broker. As a …

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pips and lots explained by jayyyfx academy

Understanding Pips and Lots

Pips and Lots explained Getting started on forex trading, there are important terms in Forex. These are sure words you would come across in your journey as a forex trader. Some of the words are Pips and Lots. In trading, understanding the concept behind pips and lots is of utmost importance. This guide explicitly explains …

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What exactly is liquidity and volatility in Forex market by JayyyFx Academy

What is Liquidity and Volatility In Forex Trading

What Exactly is Liquidity and Volatility In Forex Trading? Forex liquidity allows for ease of trade, as a trader gets started in forex trading, one of the first advantages they’re likely to come across is how much liquidity the forex market offers over other markets. The figures are roughly $5.1 trillion in daily traded volume as …

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