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You will be able to access your course through your MENTORSHIP LOGIN page. That’s where further details would be dispersed.

We teach either in live-video sessions or pre-recorded videos depending on your choice. We also share our forex trading materials with you once you come on board.




Simply click on MENTORSHIP COURSES on my home page and then click on your desired package. Please ensure you read the details before selecting your desired course. After selecting it redirects you to a buy page/checkout. Ensure to fill in all necessary billing details and your preferred account username.

We accept cryptocurrency payments. More information can be found by clicking here.

Once you are about to purchase your desired course, there will be a space for you to input your preferred username. Please take note of this name after your successful purchase and an email confirmation from us. You can then go to the MENTORSHIP LOGIN platform and fill in your details. It will take you to your dashboard where you will see other options.

Click on the help button at the downright corner to reach our support team or reach out to us via email at account@jayyyfxacademy.com

I get it, most probably you have enrolled in a course before and the mentor just vanished into thin air, etc. At the JAYYY FOREX ACADEMY, we are committed to building a long-term relationship going by our mission of having the largest trader’s community in the world. You will have extended personal access to our team members via our Mentorship platform.  Should you ever need a 1-1 talk, feel free to reach us via email at help@jayyyfxacademy.com

We have some modules designed to help newbies grow to become professionals.

We have seen that happen over and over again, so yes it will help you become a professional forex trader in the long run.

Going by our modus operandi, you stand at a very good vantage point of experiencing improvements in precision and accuracy as you would be in an actual traders’ community.

We believe in and are driven by excellence. This has help us to build a solid track record that we regularly review in order to improve our strategies. 


All we need is your diligence and commitment to the course following due process.

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