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Making additional legitimate money not withstanding the world's global financial crisis

Create an additional source of income today by starting your own Forex trading career with the Jayyy Forex Academy Start-up Course.


This course is designed for first-timers in forex trading, not withstanding your knowledge of forex trading.

It covers foundational forex trading modules and different forex trading strategies that will enhance your profitability. 

In addition to covering trading psychology, it also includes modules such as risk management, money management, and proper trading plans that will help you build a strong foundation for your trading career. 

You can also earn money while you are learning with our real-time signals.


Learn at your pace

Learn the art of Forex trading easily without it affecting your other daily activities.

Access to various forex materials e.g. short training videos, short notes, real time tutorials

Premium contents that will enable you understand the art of Forex trading and drastically make you a profitable trader.

Free trading sessions and real time signals

This will further improve your trading ability and boost your confidence as you earn while you learn.

Certificate on completion

To serve as a valid evidence of being trained for future recognition.

Access to lifetime mentorship

You will always have someone to put you through on your journey.

One time payment

Which will eliminate the fear of recurrent expenses.

Why Choose Us?

Flexible timing

The opportunity to learn at your own time and place.

Structured lessons

Our modes of teaching is simplified to the extent that even a novice would understand the forex market.

More income

You will make more money with our premium strategies and free insightful trading session and real time signals.

Experienced crew

When you choose us, you will have the benefits of several years of chart experience from our professional trading experts.


Our charges are very affordable and its a one off payment.

Results oriented

For us the long term profits you will make from the forex market is our success.


I was already getting frustrated with my 9-5 Job, when I came across JayyyFx Academy on a review site, the was exciting and self paced. I have made a lot of profits on the side

Bob Johnson

I am a student, who came into JayyyFx Academy with no knowledge of Forex trading. If there is anything I loved about the academy, its that the tutors are always ready to answer all questions and they answer it on time and immediately. Today I am a profitable trader as well as a student.

Joseph Olaniyi

With the JayyyFx Academy Start-Up Course, I can say that its very top notch. I came in with no knowledge about forex trading. On finishing it I can say that my Trading ability as improved a great deal with real time profits. To the team, you all are the best

Bello Ahmed

I wish I could add JayyyFx Academy to Forbes List. With step by step tutelage on risk management and also trading techniques. I was able to scale my first small capital to something bigger, I trade confidently.

Kunle Adams

Jayyy Forex Academy sculptured me into a much better version of myself and Jayyy has changed my life. I've really found that inner belief in this community! Thank you, Jayyy!

Chinyere Ogechi

I joined Jayyy Forex Academy with no knowledge of Forex whatsoever, in less than 3 months my life has changed massively. I now have huge goals and a clear path to achieving them. I can't thank Jayyy and the team enough as it has really opened me up to the possibilities in the world.

    Have Any Questions?


    We teach either in live-video sessions or pre-recorded videos depending on your choice. We also share our forex trading materials with you once you come on board.

    If you have any question on this don’t hesitate to click on the need help icon at the down right corner of this page before finally enrolling.

    I get it, most probably you have enrolled in a course before and the mentor just vanished into thin air, etc. At the JAYYY FOREX ACADEMY, we are committed to building a long-term relationship going by our mission of having the largest trader’s community in the world. You will have extended personal access to our team members via our Mentorship platform.  Should you ever need a 1-1 talk, feel free to reach us via email at help@jayyyfxacademy.com


    This program was designed to help newbies grow to become professionals. We have seen that happened over and over again, so yes it will help you become a professional forex trader on the long run.

    Simply Click the Get full access button below to get your Start-up course.

    Send a mail to our support team at support@jayyyfxacademy.com


    Going by our modus operandi, you stand at a very good vantage point of experiencing improvements in precision and accuracy as you would be in an actual traders’ community.

    All our traders and trainers are highly qualified and have years of trading experiences and good results. You could check out our 5 days free training session.

    We believe in and are driven by excellence. This has help us to build a solid track record that we regularly review in order to improve our strategies. 


    All we need is your diligence and commitment to the course following due process.

    Here comes the one important question





    I honestly can’t wait to see your own testimony!!!

    Yes we organize a 5 days free training session which you could ideally join and learn.

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